[WaQuAC-NET Newsletter Vol42]Site visit reports of Tohoku disaster area & Bangkhen WTP in Bangkok

I posted about Tsunami Disaster of 3.11 in Tohoku region of Japan. I also wrote my observation of Bangkhen WTP in Bangkok, Thailand.

[WaQuAC-NET Newsletter Vol41] GIS and Water Supply

I introduced my strugglings how GIS can aoproach improving water management in case of activities in Narok water, Kenya.

The Project for Strengthening Operation and Maintenance of Rural Water Supply Systems in Rwanda (RWASOM project)

This project focused capacity building of operation and maintenance for rural water supply management in Rwanda. I joined as GIS expert.

Preparatory Survey for the Project for Strengthening Nzove-Ntora Principal Water Transmission Pipeline in Kigali City, Rwanda

This project focused to upgrade main water transmission pipeline from Nzobe WTP to Ntora reservoir in Kigali, Rwanda.

[WaQuAC-NET Newsletter Vol33 ] My Activities in Narok Water

I overviewed what I conducted in Narok Water while I stayed for 2 years and 6 month in Kenya.

The GIS project in Narok Water, Kenya

Worked for GIS & NRW as JICA Volunteer